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Why choose Shade Master?
Shade Master is a New Zealand family business, this business model allows us to work for clients, not quarterly results. Our team at Shade Master is responsive, flexible and client-focused. Our goal is to optimise your outdoor living and at the same time, work within your budget to achieve the best solution. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry!

Why is shade protection important to Kiwis?
Due to our geographic location, New Zealand has the most harmful UV rays in the world, causing skin and fatal cancer issue. A canopy can be just the solution to provide that extra bit of protection, it also offers cover when the weather turns too wet! 

What are the benefits of having a canopy?
Having a canopy can maximise your outdoor usage, protect your family, furniture, carpet and decking from the harmful UV rays. Not to mention, the canopy can also increase your home's market value. 

Do I need to apply for Council Consent?
Generally no.
A building consent is required only if the awning has a total area of 30 square metres or larger.
Check out more from the below or contact us for more information.

What size or shape is available?
All our canopies or screens are custom made sizes and shapes to suit your space. We offer you an end to end service to turn your designs into reality. From concept to design, manufacture through to installation and servicing.

How to look after the canopy?
Your canopy should be cleaned every 6-12 months.
Pre-rinse with a low-pressure washer to remove any dust and dirt. Clean the underside of your awning as well as the top with soft haired broom or sponge. Repeat as necessary until the dirt, stains and mould are removed to your satisfaction. Allow the canopy to dry completely. 
*Never use solvents, scourers, abrasives, bleach, acids or aggressive chemical cleaners.
*Do not use a high-pressure washer to clean the canopy. 

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